We love what we do and we have fun doing it. Hence…the pictures above. Why should that matter to you?

First…attitude is everything and we bring a creative, joyful, and positive attitude to every project/engagement that we undertake. This translates into our client’s objectives being reached or exceeded in a timely and profitable manner. We are equally committed to making “the process” enjoyable for our clientele.

Second…when people love want they do they tend to be extremely good at it.

Meredith Mergers is a privately held investment banking firm serving clients nationwide (founded 1993).

Meredith Commercial Real Estate Advisors is a boutique commercial real estate brokerage firm serving clients nationwide (founded 2003).

Floresta Capital Partners invests equity and provides financing to U.S. based privately held companies (founded 2008).

Meredith Developments is a developer of single-family home sites, condominiums, multifamily communities, and office buildings (founded 1958).

Keep the Drama on the Screen Entertainment Co. is a movie and television production company involved in scriptwriting, concept development, production, and financing (founded 2014).